About REIA

The Real Estate Investors Association of Berks County, Inc. (REIA) is an organization made up of individuals interested in the various aspects of real estate investment: land lording, rehabbing, development, improvement, etc. REIA is dedicated to the continuing education of property owners, landlords, businessmen and other individuals interested in personal and urban growth through the practice of real estate investing. A non-profit organization, REIA also strives to increase understanding between landlords, tenants, and government agencies.

We are primarily an educational organization, providing opportunities for our members to educate themselves and each other on laws, policies, procedures, methods, materials, contacts, and other topics related to real estate investment through formal instruction, informal seminars, networking with others and sharing experiences, and continuous support.

We believe that real estate investors are a vital part of the overall community, providing housing for those individuals who are either unable or unwilling to take on the responsibility of home ownership. We do not oppose home ownership nor do we discourage home ownership. On the contrary, individuals who do wish to own a home are an important aspect of our businesses, since many of us rehabilitate properties with the intention of selling them to owner-occupants. We do, however, recognize that there is a segment of the population who cannot or do not wish to own a home for reasons such as: financial difficulties, legal difficulties, transient employment, or just not wanting to have the responsibility of owning a property.

While our focus is not political, we find that it is necessary to have various levels of involvement with the political community. We believe that we can and should be heard on matters related to our businesses. We believe that it is our duty to contribute information and viewpoints on issues where those individuals driving the issues may not be familiar with the pertinent aspects of our businesses and how the issues may impact the overall economic and structural health of the community.